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Mob Battle – Silent Partner

Mob BattleSilent PartnerAlternative & Punk2:08
How to Grow Mung Bean Sprouts
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Published on May 5, 2016

Oliver Twist 2007
Sabrina Spellman,

  • a perfectly normal 16-year-old, is informed by her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, that she (and they, and her whole family on her father’s side) are witches.
  • lives with them in Massachusetts while preparing to receive her witch’s license.
  • gets into many scrapes while figuring out how certain spells work along the way.
  • also has to keep the secret from her boyfriend, Harvey, friends Jenny and later Valerie, stuck-up nemesis Libby, and her ever-suspicious vice-principal, Mr. Kraft.

Published on: Aug 4, 2014 @ 04:38