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Denver, YouTube’s ‘Guilty Dog’ visits ‘GMA’ Denver, YouTube's 'Guilty Dog' visits 'GMA' Uploaded on Mar 24, 2011 Posted by ABC News Subscribe 914,057 1,108,238 views 2,610 thumb up 74 thumb down 261 comments The guiltiest dog in the word shares her cute squint with the cast of Good Morning America, and her owners share the doggy dirt.

Denver Official Guilty Dog Video Denver Official Guilty Dog Video Published by foodplot Subscribe 22,955 38,732,097 views 186,178 thumb up 5,252 thumb down Uploaded on Mar 8, 2011 27,299 comments Category: Pets & Animals Video time: 2 minutes 18 seconds foodplot said that "Someone helped themselves to the kitty Cat treats! Let's see who cracks under pressure?"